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Use the SimCity BuildIt Hack to get free SimCash and Simoleon on your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device!


Are you a big fan of SimCity BuildIt? You would really like to get the best and biggest city on the game, but you don’t have enough SimCash or Simoleon? We found the best strategy to get items for free on SimCity BuildIt. Never spend money for SimCash or Simoleons again! Here is how we do it!

SimCity BuildIt can be highly addicting, but it can also be very expensive if you want to have a great city. In the beginning of the game it is very easy not to spend much items for building a big city, but after some time and at a specific size of your city you need lots of items, especially SimCash and Simoleon. Getting them is easy at the start of the game, but it gets more and more difficult after some time.

The perfect solution for this problem is called SimCity BuildIt Hack. With this Hack Tool for SimCity BuildIt you can simply enter the amount of items you would like to generate to your iOS, Android or Windows Phone account. You need to provide basic information of your account for example username or on what platform you are playing on. They don’t ask anyone to provide their e-mail address or any password. Everything is legit. After processing the SimCity BuildIt Generator it takes about 5 minutes to get your request Simoleon and SimCash directly on your account. We can recommend you to close the apk on your phone while you are using the hack.

If you never heard of SimCity BuildIt we can only recommend you this fascinating game. You can download it on the iOS AppStore or Android Googles PlayStore. In this game you are the major of your own city and your goal is it to build the biggest, best and most beautiful city in the game. If you are looking for a tutorial, walkthroughs, guides, trainer or SimCity Buildit cheats you can contact us or simply check out their official Facebook page and their YouTube channel. Time after time they will release new tipps and tricks about this game. Especially on YouTube you will find many Lets Player, which got an extremely high amount of Simoleon and SimCash without spending money. These guys are using our Online Hack for iOS and Android daily. If you are looking for a SimCity BuildIt iOS Android Hack on YouTube you will find many videos and proofs how it is working. They will explain to you step by step how to use it and what to expect. If you got any doubt of the functionality of this SimCity BuildIt Hack apk we can highly recommend to check out the videos.

What are the features of this hack tool?

  • It gets updated daily and new features will be added
  • There is a 0% chance of getting banned
  • It works on iOS, Android and Windows devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • You also can use it on your PC or Mac
  • We use proxies to keep everything anonymous
  • We don’t save any data or cookies
  • We don’t ask for any password or e-mail address
  • We are offering a 24/7 live support on the contact us page


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